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    The Idea Canvas is a visual chart created by RTDI for building and validating new project ideas. It allows comparing and assessing easily the coherence amongst all elements of an idea for an R&D or Innovation Project, particularly between the need for the project and the solution proposed.

  • GUIDE TO HORIZON 2020: The New European R&D and Innovation Framework Programme

    A complete guide in 146 full color pages bringing all you need to know and understand to participate in H2020

  • HORIZON 2020 - FAQ

    Useful summary on H2020 main facts, in form of Frequently Asked Questions.

External Tools & Publications


    The strategic management template for developing new or documenting existing business models


    "Making Open Innovation Work",  by Stefan Lindegaard, provides valuable experiences from experts in charge of making open innovation happen.


    Assesing the time we spend in each task is crucial in order to measure work performance and improve efficiency. The RTDI team has recently implemented Task Coach, a useful and simple program for the management and organization of time

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