Why can RTDI help you with proposal writting?

Our commitment with quality of service summarized in 10 reasons for counting with us:

  1. Good historic success rates.
  2. RTDI has a very deep understanding of the different public instruments for supporting R&D and innovation at European level.
  3. RTDI defines ad-hoc writing teams for each proposal, involving at least 1 senior writer dedicated full time to the proposal and one manager acting as trainer, coach and/or editor.
  4. RTDI organizes at least one working session for each proposal involving multidisciplinary profiles amongst our personnel and co-operators (if necessary). The objective of these sessions is to design the most suitable technology watch strategies in order to compile and analyse key information for the project. They also serve to finish shaping the idea of the project, fully identifying the technologies to develop and pre-defining the scientific & technological objectives of the project.
  5. RTDI has signed collaboration agreements with specialists in concrete areas of relevancy for R&D projects, also at proposal stage.
  6. RTDI exploits our partnering network in Europe for the creation of consortia of great quality, in relation to the evaluation of proposals and, also, towards the future work during the project.
  7. Continuous training of our writers.
  8. Experience as evaluators and project reviewers for the European Commission under the European Framework Programme.
  9. We have experience and internal experts in the design of strategies for the management of IPR.
  10. We work focused in the future exploitation of R&D results. We offer constant support to the projects along their lifecycle. 


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