Hot topics in wastes recycling & revalorization for the last H2020 period (2018-2020)

Miércoles, 27 Diciembre 2017 18:56

136Reducing wastes production and transforming them into new high value products will be a transversal objective within the last H2020 period, especially present in the societal challenges related to Food security & Bioeconomy (SC2), Climate & Environment (SC5), and the Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Technologies - Nanotechnologies, Advanced Materials, Advanced Manufacturing and Processing, and Biotechnology (LEIT-NMBP). This objective falls under the focus area “Connecting economic and environmental gains – the Circular Economy”, which will count with €941 million budget. 

These are the most relevant “hot topics” related to the circular economy we have identified for the last H2020 period:

 New feedstocks and energy resources in industrial processes.

 Industrial equipment retrofitting.

 Recovery and recycling of by-products and wastes (food, raw materials, industry).

 CO2 capture and conversion.

 Plastic recycling, redesign, and bio-based alternatives

 Urban and industry bio-wastes valorisation

 Bio-based fertilizers

 Novel ways of using, harvesting and storing energy

 Policy and new business models support actions for the circular economy

All details regarding topic identifier, description, budget, type of action, and dates can be found in the EU Participant Portal.

Of special interest is also the Bio – Based Industries Joint Undertaking (BBI JU) initiative, a public-private partnership between the European Union (EU), and the Bio-based Industries Consortium (BIC), operating under H2020 rules and procedures. The BBI JU organises yearly calls for proposals to support research, demonstration and deployment activities, with the objective of boosting the potential of waste, agricultural, and forestry residues, create new jobs, and implement innovative business models. The final work program for the next call, expected to be open from April to September 2018, is about to be published. If you need more information about specific circular economy related activities, here you can check all funded projects so far.

H2020 projects seek to involve all stakeholders along the value chain, so either if you belong to the academic, industry, small enterprise, consumer, social, economic, or policy sector, you are welcome to contribute with your ideas and expertise! Participating in collaborative international projects is an excellent window to find key partners and boost the development and growth of your company or institution. Circular Economy strategies will demand open minded approaches to connect/engage sectors and value chains apparently not related at all. Are you interested in this challenge? From RTDI we will be glad to listen and help you in the exciting process of constructing your idea and project!


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